Welcome to our world

Welcome to our world

about us

We embrace all colors and shades of the human experience.

At Exa, we’re redefining what clean beauty can be and who it’s made for. Using makeup as our medium, we celebrate individuality, unique expression, and the real you—and embrace all colors and shades of the human experience. Together, we’re building a community where you and other beauty lovers are welcomed, valued, and seen and understood.

Our values


Backed by The Credo
Clean Standard™

We uphold the highest standards for clean beauty and act with the future in mind. Because our goal is to create products that have a positive impact on our community and our planet.


Eco-as-possible packaging

When selecting product packaging, we consider the entire life cycle: how materials are sourced and produced, how they’re used, and how they’ll eventually be discarded.


Clean makeup made for you

We believe everyone has a right to clean, safe beauty. So we create with diversity in mind— including variations in skin tone, gender, income, and more. You are welcome here.