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Purchases made online can be returned within 30 days of receipt, back to the original method of payment. 

FAQs About Buying

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All in-stock orders will be processed within 24 hours of placement Monday- Friday 1pm EST. If you place an order after 1pm EST on a Friday, your order will fulfilled on that following Monday. Please keep in mind that this may change or be delayed during holidays and holiday weekends.

FAQs About Buying

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DO NOT DELETE Test Product Sample Card

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DO NOT DELETE Test Product Sample Card

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  • 1 Deep Dark to Medium Deep
  • 2 Medium-Deep to Medium
  • 3 Medium to Medium Light
  • 4 Medium-Light to Fair

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DO NOT DELETE Test Product Sample Card

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What It Is

A crazy cool hands-on tool to help you find your individual match.

Why It’s Amplified

Try samples for days to nail your shade. This set contains 11 shades of our High Fidelity Semi-Satin Foundation, a buildable foundation that wears light and lasts long—and a sample of our universal Jump Start Smoothing Primer, a silky blurring primer that creates a semi-matte canvas of possibility.

Who It’s For

All skin types, all ages, all people.

The Way It Works

You get 11 foundation shades to wear or share, plus a high-performance primer to grip it good. Find your shade, then buy the full-size for $5 off.

How It Makes You Feel

Expressive, empowered, full of possibilities.

Be Extra Exa

Our Eco-As-Possible Packaging

We’re a work in progress—doing as much as we can now, while striving to find more sustainable solutions in the future. When selecting product packaging, we consider the entire lifecycle: how materials are sourced and produced, how they’re used and how they’ll eventually be discarded.

How to Apply

Shake well and apply our universal JUMP START SMOOTHING PRIMER to clean, moisturized skin with your fingertips.
Shake well and apply HIGH FIDELITY with your fingertips, buffing brush or sponge. Use as little or as much as you like. Our formula goes on sheer, but is super buildable.

All skin types. All ages. All people. All senses of humor. All states of mind. All styles. All shapes. All quirks. All smiles. All passions. All faces. All paces. All yins. All yangs. All lovers. All social handles. All astrological signs. All victories. All abilities. All dreamers. All optimists.